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What Kaleigh Wore

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Over the years, overalls have kind of become the holy grail of fashion for me. I'm constantly searching for the best pair and I think I have finally found them. These beauties are not too heavy, not too light, not too skinny, not too baggy, and my favorite color: black. Basically I'm goldi locks and these babies are juuuust right.  

Expect to see them in constant rotation from now until I find another pair...it's an obsession guys. Truly.  

Trench, forever 21 // overalls, Marshalls // top and scarf, Target //  boots, Nordstrom rack 

how to style messy hair

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We love messy hair! It looks great on any length of hair, and it just gets better throughout the week, which means you can go for days without washing your hair. Bonus points!

The secret to this style is making sure you use the right products. We're going to show you how we get the messy look!

Products you need:

- Dry Shampoo

-Finishing Spray

-A teasing comb

start with curled hair. I like to use a straightener, but you can use a curling wand or curling iron too! Take your dry shampoo and spray UNDER each layer of hair, all over your head. Tousle your hair with your fingers once your finished spraying, but don't brush it out.

coming soon: how to curl your hair with a straightener!

Next take your teasing comb and a section of hair. Starting in the middle of the hair, pull your comb up towards your roots. Do this all over your head. 

To finish, tilt your head to the side and spray the underside of your hair with finishing spray. 

and there you go! Super simple. This is a great style for days 2-?? because you just add more dry shampoo. 

happy styling!

what we wore

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As expected, Oklahoma did not get a white Christmas. But we did get a hectic winter storm a few days after! While Courtney stayed snuggled inside prepping baby ramsey's nursery and getting things done around the house, we brave souls trekked outside to face the wretched wind and 20 degree weather in order to buy avocados for guacamole and to take pictures. We definitely have our priorities in order.

coat// forever 21. hat// nordstrom rack. striped shirt// urban outfitters. glasses// warby parker.

shoes// target. leopard coat// forever21. turtleneck sweater// old navy. hat// target.

What Kaleigh Wore

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Fall in the 405 is a strange mix of slowing downs and speeding ups, ninety degrees and seventy degrees, yummy fresh vegetables and give me all the fair food. I find myself flipping back and forth between these extremes in my style as well. Some days it's skirts and heels, some days it's oversized button downs. 

 This look incorporates some of my favorites: ripped boyfriend jeans, ankle boots, and dirty hair- I mean, chic ponytails! I'm also a big fan of short sleeve button downs. They have a bit of a tomboy vibe to them, and they can easily be dressed up or down.

sunnies, Target // top, Old Navy // jeans, Victoria Secret // Dolce Vita ankle boots, Nordstrom Rack

gender reveal

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A few weeks ago Drew and I had a small party with just family to celebrate and reveal the gender of our precious baby. I knew I wanted to have a gender reveal party (they are just too cute not to!), but I also knew there was just no way I could go to our ultrasound appointment and have the doctor keep the gender a secret from us. So we decided just to have the reveal be for family. At the ultrasound appointment Drew and I were pretty convinced the baby was going to be a boy. We had all boy names picked out and I had just been having a feeling it was a little boy. But the doctor revealed that Baby Ramsey is a sweet, tiny, precious little girl. And we couldn't be more excited! 

Here are just a few photos from our gender reveal party!